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I m sure this has been asked many times, but a search of this forum did not find a solution. When zooming out, if you go through a wall accidentally very easy to do if you re trying to get the best perspective from t.Alright, so this is sort of a question, but I ve been searching for an answer and haven t been able to find one so I don t have high hopes. The zoom rate in sketchup is PERFECT. I love it, it s a little fast once in awhile when you re not in the right FOV, but for the most part it works well. The zoom rate in .It looks like this is a processor and RAM issue than a Sketchup one. It happens on my old Dell machine too. If the model is complicated or uses many components, it takes a while to render and hence the slow zooming and anything else really . On my Mac running an i processor and GB RAM there is still .Re Zooming in or out at Warp speed . Post by thomthom ” Tue am. Good point. I ve had stray edges, or even guide points not necessarily visible due to Style settings that caused weird things to happen. . Thomas Thomassen SketchUp Monkey Coding addict. List of my plugins .

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