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If you see flickering in the display of your model in Earth or Sketchup , you re experiencing Z Fighting. Z Fighting is a sign of excess geometry, too many shapes and angles. Z Fighting can be eliminated by deleting excess faces. Z fighting is mostly caused by two faces, situated in exactly the same space. This way .Hello everybody! I am creating a model of the garage. And faced with such a problem that one plane at a department shine through the other. And when I increase the scale, gaps disappear. Although they are in different .How can I make the sink component stop z fighting and also cut through the top of the counter without making .Overlapping objects or surfaces faces can cause a flickering flashing effect when you move around the object. This is a result of Z fighting. Z fighting is when two faces occupy the exact same space. This video from Chapter of the book “Google SketchUp for Dummies” explains how to get around the .

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