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When I find myself doing something tedious or repetitious in SketchUp I start looking for an alternative. In this case a custom shortcut allows me to toggle X ray on and off. To create a shortcut, open the Preferences window. On a PC you ll find it under the Window menu, on a Mac it s under the SketchUp .The large toolset cannot be edited but you can either open the Styles toolbar, which Anssi shows, or create a custom toolbar which includes the X ray button. Probably just easier to open the Styles toolbar, though. Edit My apologies. I didn t realize immediately that you are working with Mac. You can either . If you have any extra faces or edges “inside” the model, they need to be deleted. Sometimes you can locate these extra entities by switching to Xray mode, but it tends to be a bit overwhelming when you can see all the edges in your model. By temporarily hiding a face, I can quickly identify what needs to be . toolbar = toolbar.add_item cmd Toggle X ray def xray if Sketchup. active_model.rendering_options[“ModelTransparency”] == false The challenge is that you need to parse the list of shortcuts you get from Sketchup.get_shortcuts and translate it into what key codes and key flags. I just make .

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