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I m a newbie and I imported two very simple files into sketchup from GrabCad. Both are simple friction discs for a clutch. When I use Solid Inspector, it says I have one nested instance in each. How do I even b.Solid Inspector says my objects are all solid when I click on them and run it, but when I click off the objects and run Solid Inspector it says the objects have nested instances. This appears to be preventing me from cutting the threaded shape out of the other object. Any idea on how to fix this? permalink .A SketchUp tutorial focusing on using nested components.. How do I use a PickHelper to find a ComponentInstance which is nested several levels deep inside other Instances? . Hi . Thomas Thomassen SketchUp Monkey Coding addict. List of my plugins What I am actually seeing is an array of all the exact same Instance the top level one. Can that be .

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