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This is different from the tree hierarchy you see in SketchUp s Outliner, which indicates, for example, that a cushion is a subcomponent of a sofa or that a leg component is nested inside a chair component. SketchUp outputs polygon faces only. SketchUp doesn t support the output of NURBS or any advanced OBJ entities..How do I export to Obj files on Sketchup make? I was able to do it before, but now I can t. Can someone please help?.The LIPID OBJ Exporter SketchUp plugin is meant to enable SketchUp users to export an OBJ file complete of geometry, texture images, mapping coordinates, colors, normal and the scene s hierarchy. The plugin works under Windows only, no MacOSX version is currently planned it was tested with SketchUp and .Hello everybody, I need to convert a sketchup file into an OBJ to be able to use it in Lightwave, someone has any idea of a good converter?? Thanks Phil..

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