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MASTER SHED PLANS. GABLE ROOF . FOR. GULFCOAST BARN STORAGE. P.O. BOX . HORSESHOE BEACH, FL . NOTES I THESE ST”RUCTURI\l DRAWINGS SHAll BE USED FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE. SI QWN STORAGe BUILDINGS. IN TI iE EVENT OF DIMENSION.A.L DISCREPANCY,..It s important to use hurricane ties when framing your shed roof. In fact, almost all building codes across the United States require their use when framing a shed roof. These ties were developed to help strengthen the framing for roofs to help prevent damage from strong wind and seismic forces. The most popular developer .Do the plans include the requirements for Florida? Hurricane Wind Speeds? We have information for building sheds in Florida. You can request this information by emailing our support@icreatables email. It is based on published engineering for Palm Beach County which has the most stringent wind requirements in the .Handy Home Sheds Flexes their Muscle While the streets of New York and our competition was blown away by the high winds of Hurricane Sandy, the Majestic storage shed showed off its heavy duty construction. All of our sheds are engineered and tested to meet demanding wind and snow loads! We take pride in .

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