25 Inspiring DIY Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Will Frugally Transform Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is in many ways the most important room in your home. It’s where you cook fabulous meals for your family, and in many cases, it’s where the family gathers at the table to eat those meals. You may even sit at the kitchen table drinking coffee and contemplating life early in the morning. Because of this, it’s important that the kitchen is a room where you want to spend loads of time.

25 Inspiring DIY Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That Will Frugally Transform Your Kitchen { Curated and Created by DIYnCrafts.com }



Whether you’ve just purchased a new house and want to create the kitchen of your dreams, or you simply want to update the kitchen that you’ve had for years, there are a number of remodeling ideas that you can incorporate. And, they don’t have to cost a fortune. I’ve collected 25 wonderful ways to get the kitchen that you have always wanted, and many of them can be done with a very small budget. After all, DIY is what we do, and we’re going to use some great do-it-yourself ideas to completely transform your kitchen!

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So, we’re going to take a look at some easy ways that you can integrate change into the kitchen. Again, many of these projects can be done with very little money, and they’re all DIY kitchen remodels, so you can do all of the work yourself. This saves money itself because you don’t have to hire a renovation crew to make the changes.

If you’re ready for a true DIY kitchen makeover, this collection will be a real treat. I’ve also got a great collection of 10 Ingenious Kitchen tricks and tips to help you save on messes. Without further ado, let’s look at some wonderful ways you can DIY yourself a brand new kitchen!


1. DIY Farmhouse Kitchen

DIY Farmhouse KitchenI’m a huge fan of the farmhouse style. I think every kitchen in the world should be comfortable and inviting, and farmhouse kitchens are the epitome of warmth. By painting cabinets slate gray, you can incorporate a great farmhouse look into your own kitchen, no matter how it’s laid out. Note the wooden beam across the ceiling, as well. This really lends to the farmhouse style and is really easy to accomplish.

Source: jennasuedesign

2. Modern Bungalow Kitchen

Modern Bungalow KitchenI absolutely love this bungalow kitchen look. The best thing about this design is the storage. I need so much storage in the kitchen, and if you do too, this is a great design idea. All the cabinets and appliances are white, which really gives the room a larger look. Plus, note that storage/bookshelf area at the end of the bar. Who wouldn’t just love to have a dedicated space for cookbooks?

Source: cushandnooks

3. Chalkboard Wall

Chalkboard WallThis beautiful white kitchen is made complete with a chalkboard wall. What better way to relay messages to the family or keep track of your grocery list? I adore the idea of an entire wall that I can write on. Plus, it would be heaven for kids or grandkids. I also love the rustic appeal that it gives the entire room, and it isn’t expensive at all. Just paint your cabinets white and then use a gallon of chalkboard paint to get the chalkboard wall.

Source: missmustardseed

4. Gray And Green IKEA Kitchen

Gray And Green IKEA KitchenSometimes all you need to completely change the look of a room is a new coat of paint. The gray and green in this kitchen work beautifully against white cabinets to transform the entire room into something elegant and classy. Note, if you don’t want to completely redo your countertops, you can paint them gray and even texture them however you want. Paint wooden cabinets white for this look – or anytime you want the cabinets to stand out against the backsplash.

Source: southernhospitalityblog

5. Brightly Lit Kitchen

Brightly Lit KitchenIf you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you want it brightly lit and efficient. This DIY remodel gives you both. It has an industrial feel with the stainless steel and the steel bar stools. You can accomplish the overall look even if you don’t have a bar or island in the kitchen. The idea is to add adequate lighting and even move things around a bit to make the room more efficient for when you are cooking. Again, white cabinets make the room look much larger and more organized.

Source: iwashyoudry

6. Gray And White Gallery Kitchen

Gray And White Gallery KitchenAgain with the white cabinets…;but we really do love how they look, right? This kitchen offers an offset of gray walls and a great gallery wall that instantly changes how it looks. I love the wicker chair in the corner with the grain sack pillow. It really gives the entire room a more elegant feel, and this entire kitchen can be completed for just a couple hundred dollars – mostly for paints and pictures for your gallery wall.

Source: yellowblissroad

7. Wood And White Tuxedo Kitchen

Wood And White Tuxedo KitchenThis kitchen is really unique. Instead of uniform kitchen cabinet colors, the tops of the cabinets are painted white while the bottoms retain their wooden tone. I love the white faux brick backsplash, which you can totally create on your own if you need to. The entire look of this kitchen is formal meets casual. It’s so different that you can’t help but love it.

Source: copperdotinteriors

8. Colorful Kitchen

Colorful KitchenOkay, this is a wonderful way to really change the look of your kitchen. You can paint your cabinets white if they aren’t white already. Then just add splashed of color throughout to really make the room pop. The plants are wonderful additions and note the wooden top on the island. It’s also got really colorful dishes displayed throughout that instantly draw your eye. Kind of gives you a home on the beach feel, doesn’t it?

Source: paperdaisydesign

9. Statement Tile Backsplash

Statement Tile BacksplashChanging your entire kitchen could be as simple as replacing old and outdated backsplash. While this particular look may be a bit daring, it’s wonderfully unique and gives the entire room a great vintage, elegant look. You can replace the backsplash for under $100, especially if you go with vintage wallpaper that you buy from a thrift store. Plus, this entire project will only take a weekend to complete. You could even paint or restain the cabinets to update them, as well.

Source: hisugarplumsblog

10. Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher Block Countertopsn typically get this material for a lot cheaper than many other countertops, and it gives the entire room such a warm and inviting appeal. I also love those open cabinet shelves to give the room farmhouse appeal.

Source: gohausgo

11. Natural Wood Open Shelving

Natural Wood Open ShelvingSpeaking of open cabinet shelves, check out these great natural wood open shelves. Against white cabinets, they really stand out and give the entire room a great new look. You can so easily create these shelves yourself, and they’re the perfect way to instantly change the look of your kitchen. You can remove a top cabinet if you need to, or these are great shelves for any open areas that you may have.

Source: dougelissa

12. Yellow Cabinet Interiors

Yellow Cabinet InteriorsIf you have cabinets with glass doors, painting the insides a bright color is a great way to add personality to your kitchen. I love this bright yellow in the kitchen, and it looks great against those white cabinets. Note that the kitchen island is also yellow, which really opens and brightens up the entire room. This is such an easy project – all you have to do is paint! FYI, the cabinets are from IKEA, so if you want to redo the cabinets you have, check those out.

Source: cape27blog

13. Navy And Brass Kitchen

Navy And Brass KitchenWho says your kitchen has to be white or wood? You can have any color that you want – this navy and brass kitchen is proof of that. Note how elegant it looks. The dark navy blue cabinets are not traditional by any means, but they are beautiful. Once you’ve painted your cabinets, just add brass drawer pulls and cabinet handles, which you can pick up at any home improvement store. You can also save money by purchasing cheaper hardware and painting to give them that brass look.



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