25 DIY Projects Made From Old Cabinet Doors – It’s Time To Repurpose!

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Have I mentioned lately how much I love repurposing projects? I really do and I’m sure you do, too. I recently had the idea to remodel my kitchen which left me wondering what in the world I would do with all of those old cabinet doors. I redid my current doors so I had several leftover to dispose of and you know how much I hate to throw things out – so I started looking for things that I could make from those old doors and I found so many wonderful projects!

25 DIY Projects Made From Old Cabinet Doors – It’s Time To Repurpose! - Brilliant upcycling projects from old cabinet doors! Collection curated by diyncrafts.com team! <3



Even if you’re not planning to redo your kitchen cabinets, you can do any of these DIY cabinet door projects. Thrift or bargain stores and even some home improvement stores sell old cabinet doors pretty cheap. You can pick up a couple for around $10 or less, which gives you the start to some amazing repurposing projects. While you’re working on repurposing projects, be sure to check out these 100 ways to repurpose or reuse broken household items. There are so many useful and creative things that you can make!

From serving trays to gorgeous picture frames and so many things in between, you are sure to find the perfect use for those cabinet doors. How about making your own chess board out of a cabinet door or maybe creating a gorgeous and space filled jewelry organizer? There really are numerous ways that you can repurpose cabinet doors and I am so excited to show them to you. Oh and if you’re looking for wonderful ways to spruce up your outdoors this spring, be sure to take a look at these 20 ways to repurpose tires into something new and exciting.

The next time you remodel your kitchen and change the cabinet doors or if you just happen to run across some old cabinets at a flea market or yard sale, be sure to put some of these great repurposing projects to use. You’ll enjoy turning those doors into something fresh and new.


1. DIY Art Desk

DIY Art DeskWhat better way to put those old cabinet doors to great use than by creating art desks for your little ones? Painted in bright colors and with tiny little legs, these desks are the cutest way to put those cabinet doors to use. They’re also the perfect way to keep kids busy when they can’t get outside and they’re small enough to easily store away under the bed or on a closet shelf.

Tutorial: u-createcrafts

2. DIY Cabinet Door Bench

DIY Cabinet Door BenchWhat a great bench! I love this idea of turning those old cabinet doors into a bench. This would be great for sitting on the porch or in the foyer. Have you ever priced a porch bench? Those things are pretty expensive but you can make one, probably for free, if you have a couple of old cabinet doors on hand. The legs are two by fours and the seat and back are made from cabinet doors. This is a brilliant way to repurpose those doors!

Tutorial: dosmallthingswithlove

3. Repurposed Cabinet Door Bulletin Board

Repurposed Cabinet Door Bulletin BoardYou can easily turn that old cabinet door into a great bulletin board with just a few supplies and a bit of time. This works well with cabinet doors that have raised frames. Just take the frame off – very carefully – and add corkboard to the inside. You can then put the frame back in place, maybe paint it a different color to make it really stand out. You’ll have the actual inside of the cabinet door to use in other projects.

Tutorial: vintagemellie

4. Chalkboard From Cabinet Door

Chalkboard From Cabinet DoorI love chalkboards. I mean really, they’re so handy to have in the kitchen for keeping grocery items listed as you need them and even leaving notes for the family – meatloaf in the fridge, etc. This chalkboard is made from an old cabinet door and it’s gorgeous and so functional! You just paint the cabinet door with chalkboard paint. If you’re using a paneled or framed door, you can paint the frame to match your kitchen and have a lovely chalkboard that goes perfectly with your décor.

Tutorial: lollyjaneboutique

5. Easy DIY Porch Décor

Easy DIY Porch DécorThese thin cabinet doors turned porch décor are gorgeous. They’re also really simple to DIY. You can also use wider cabinet doors if that’s what you have on hand. Just paint them with chalkboard paint and leave a nice welcome message or you could paint them a bright color and paint your message on them if you prefer. Either way, they’re sure to make your porch instantly warm and inviting.

Tutorial: ourfifthhouse

6. Repurposed Cabinet Door Chess Board

Repurposed Cabinet Door Chess BoardDo you play chess? It’s a game of strategy for sure and it’s a lot of fun. What’s also fun is this gorgeous chess board that is repurposed from an old cabinet door. Imagine playing with friends and telling them that you made the board yourself! This is a simple project and you can customize the colors to match your décor. I love this project and you’re sure to love it too – even if you don’t yet play the game.

Tutorial: justsomethingimade

7. Beautiful DIY Cabinet Door Clock

Beautiful DIY Cabinet Door ClockA gorgeous DIY clock could be in your future when you use those old cabinet doors to create it. This gives you so much room to personalize! Just paint, stain, or otherwise decorate that cabinet door and then add a clock kit. Make the numbers however you want and make the clock work for any room in your home depending on how you color it.

Tutorial: twicelovely

8. DIY Dry Erase Board

DIY Dry Erase BoardYou can easily turn an old cabinet door into a dry erase board. Dry erase boards are great for keeping lists or messages and they’re easy to wipe clean and redo. You’ll want a door that has a frame around it. Just design the frame however you want and then add Plexiglas to the section inside the frame. Then buy a few dry erase markers – you can get them at the Dollar Store for less than $1 each – and you’re all set.

Tutorial: prettyhandygirl

9. Repurposed Cabinet Door Easel

Repurposed Cabinet Door EaselThis cabinet door turned easel would be great for so many things. You can give it away as a gift to someone who loves art or use it yourself around the house. I love the idea of putting this on the front porch for welcome messages or you could use it to display pictures or collages or even use it as an actual easel for art. It’s very flexible and so very easy to make.

Tutorial: houseonharrison

10. Decorative Cabinet Door Picture Frame

Decorative Cabinet Door Picture FrameThat otherwise useless cabinet door would make a gorgeous picture frame. You’ll want to clean and stain or paint the door however you want it to look and then give it plenty of time to dry. Once it’s ready, just drill holes to attach hangers and then you can easily hang your pictures from clips. This is a great idea if you tend to like to change out your pictures from time to time.

Tutorial: thecreativecrate

11. DIY Headboard From Cabinet Doors

DIY Headboard From Cabinet DoorsIf you’ve been thinking of redecorating the bedroom, a new headboard will make a profound difference in how the room looks. And, you don’t have to buy a new bedroom suite or spend a fortune on a new headboard. You can make one yourself with old cabinet doors and give your room a wonderful farmhouse look. These look great stained or painted, although I much prefer the distressed look, which you can also do with this DIY headboard.

Tutorial: remodelaholic

12. Rustic Wall Décor From Old Cabinet Doors

Rustic Wall D̩cor From Old Cabinet DoorsI really love the rustic look which is why I adore these glass signs made from old cabinet doors. I think they would be great as house signs Рjust put your last name and your house number on them and hang them on your porch. Or, use them indoors for a little added d̩cor. You can put any number of things on them from your family name to some inspirational words or quotes. They would also make wonderful gifts.

Tutorial: thissillygirlslife

13. Rustic Jewelry Organizer

Rustic Jewelry OrganizerThat old cabinet door is the perfect start for this rustic jewelry organizer. Rods hold your necklaces and bracelets in place and the handle is attached to the bottom for holding additional jewelry or you could store scarves on it, too. You just hang it on the wall and get that jewelry put in its place once and for all. It would be a really easy project but if you’d rather buy it, I found this one on Etsy for $40.

Tutorial: etsy

14. DIY Kids Coat Hanger

DIY Kids Coat HangerThis great wall peg board is perfect for keeping your little ones’ coats put neatly away and you can easily DIY it from an old cabinet door. Smaller doors may work best depending on how much wall space you have, but you could easily use this concept on a larger door, too. Decorate it to match your little one’s room and you’ve got the perfect organization tool for coats and backpacks.

Tutorial: modpodgerocksblog

15. Handmade Laundry Sign From Cabinet Door

Handmade Laundry Sign From Cabinet DoorThis laundry sign can be made with those smaller cabinet doors and it has such a lovely rustic farmhouse appeal. I love the inset and you can paint this whatever color you need to match your laundry room – it spray paints pretty easily. I love the entire look of this. You could also add a few small pegs to the bottom or some small clothespins and have a great place to hang those orphaned socks until you find their matches.

Tutorial: hometalk



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